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The Zikry name was established in 1948 by Dr. Sabry Zikry, the director of the EPS (Egyptian Pharmacists’ Syndicate) at the time.

In 1989 the Zikry brand was resurrected at the hands of Hatem Zikry, Dr. Sabry Zikry’s son, and has since grown into the well-known and deeply respected chain of pharmacies found all over Cairo. We treat our customers as family and have been devoting ourselves to deliver professional, warm and caring service to them for decades.

Rapidly spreading across Cairo, Zikry Pharmacies are manifesting the original vision of Dr. Sabry Zikry: The humanization of medicinal services and their seamless integration into the community.

Thousands upon thousands of families have had their lives improved through the services of Zikry Pharmacies as well as the products. We offer our family the consultation that guarantees that they are not just duped into buying any expensive medicine without merit.


With the experience of serving many generations of Egyptians over seven decades of care, Zikry Pharmacies aim to be more than just a store that sells medicine. We strive to become an actual partner with our beloved customers and expanding our care to more and more of greater Cairo as time passes. We also aim to provide reliable services to healthcare centers, health insurance agents, hospitals and companies.

Our Mission

To change the narrative in the pharmaceutical and health-care industry across Egypt by offering the best service quality and the most innovative solutions for our customers.

To be positioned in the Egyptian market as one of the leading product and service providers in the medical & health-care industry. Zikry Pharmacies aspire to be a credible and trust-worthy destination for everyone across Egypt and the Middle-East.

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We believe a great pharmacy does so much more than simply sell medicine. We take pride in providing decades of service and care to our beloved family of customers.


We are here to look after you, no matter what time of day it is. Whether you are placing an order or visiting us in person, our doors are always open.

Free Medical Consultation

Our professional healthcare staff will assist you with a well-informed opinion regarding any difficulties you might be facing.

First Aid Attention Service

Should you ever find yourself in a tough spot, you can immediately rush to the nearest Zikry Pharmacies branch for first aid services.

Call Center & Delivery

We are always a phone call away from you. Call in to place your order and receive your medication and products.

Measurement Services

Get your measurements in-house for blood pressure level, blood sugar levels, Body Mass Index (BMI) and more.

Insurance Contracts & Partnerships

We partner with your firm to provide outstanding pharmaceutical services to your staff. Contact us today for further information.

Laboratory Compounds

With our compounding services, you can guarantee that your medication is customized perfectly to meet your needs.


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